GoGetter Technology Solutions



One of the most important parts of the business we offer and the services we utilize comes from the use of various services and tools to help create the right kind of image and mentality moving forward for our clients. Everything we provide has the aim of offering an enhanced level of service or performance in some capacity, and this is only enhanced by the use of our various service systems which include features like :-

  • Staff Augmentation
  • Executive Searching
  • Business Consulting
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Outsourced Product Development
  • Global Relocation & Immigration Advisory Services


Staff Augmentation

This is very much in line with On-demand Resourcing (high-quality consultants at short notice). We provide skilled personnel to work under your direction to help you develop, maintain, manage and support your applications. By doing this, we maximize your chances of finding success as you begin to move forward.

Leadership Hiring

Research and Placement of senior talent on a retained basis, develop and implement an executive search capability which will enable our clients to cherry pick the best talent from the market. This improves your performance and ensures you can hit the right targets as you begin to move forward with your business.

Mid-Level Contingency Placement

We can help streamline the sourcing, management and on-boarding/off-boarding of senior and mid-level IT Consultants and other project-based talent. This greatly helps to improve the level of performance that you will see on a regular basis whilst reducing the challenges faced in sourcing genuine quality.

Contracting and Contract to Hiring

Short term and long term duration, we will assist in finding temporary technical and engineering staff, who have confirmed they are available to start this week. This makes it much easier to find the quality and volume of staff that you need without having to hamper or reduce the workforce quality.

Immigrations and Work Authorization Processing

We assists individuals, recruiters and employers with international assignments by providing work authorization services. These solutions work particularly well in the IT, Engineering and Financial Services spheres. By using these services, you make it much easier to ensure that all staff brought into your team are fully legitimate to work within your organization whilst providing you with a huge range of experience and knowledge from other cultures. This combination can be immensely powerful, helping you improve performance.


Executive Search

Finding the best staff for the job can be tough work, but with BUSINESS we reduce the challenges faced here quite significantly by offering an easy to follow and effective range of plans which will ensure you have no problems in locating the best way forward for your business.

Our services follow an elite benchmark, built around giving you access to finding senior leaders who can come in and manage everything from Managing Director posts to Head of Business positions. Utilizing these services, you can reduce the need for human resource management and instead rely upon our extensive and ever-growing database of executives who come with an excellent track record.

We only offer access to staff who we know can deliver on the job that you need when you need it, offering a large number of senior leadership executives who you can trust to get the job done with ease.

Speak to us today to find out more about how our experts can get involved.



Having the right information for your business is going to be vital in the long run, and with our business consulting you can make it easier than ever to find the right answers.

To succeed in the challenging and cutthroat world of modern business, you have to be able to work through a range of increasingly volatile and difficult workplace functions – to see genuine improvement, you need an expert pulling the strings without emotional involvement.

If you want to see consistent and strong business improvement, you can run your business is a deeply efficient manner by utilizing our services. We’ll give you access to help with features such as;

  • Technological Strategies

Helping you to understand the power of the growth of your IT structure as well as maintaining the depth and energy within your organization.

  • Risk Management Strategies

Improve the quality of forecasts and predictions, become more detailed in your reporting structure and become far more responsive to the potential threats which may lie in future. Improve your overall performance tenfold.

  • People Strategies

People make your business and with our business consulting you can capitalize on that and make it easier than ever to finally come through a period of innovation and performance management to ensure that your business has the easiest route possible to follow forth.

Using our advanced analytical experience, we can be the catalyst you need to spark a period of growth.



Managing the process of recruitment today is one of the hardest periods of any business’ lifespan, and as you continue to grow the pressure and demands will only heighten.

To stop this from becoming a serious, long-term problem you should always try to work out the best way to hire people. With our experience in recruitment and cherry-picking the finest members of staff for any job, we can be the catch-all solution that you need to start finding consistent solutions.

With the help of our services, you can find that managing your business and finding the right staff – regardless of your size – will be much easier than ever before. We offer a comprehensive solution in place of an HR structure which can be draining and constrictive; we make it easier to recruit and we make recruitment faster and simple.

Additionally, we offer an easy way to get a hold of expertise that otherwise would be redundant in terms of its costs. As a cos-effective solution that offers consistency, quality, efficiency and the promise of results you can find high-end staff today.



Don’t let outsourcing become a problem any longer with an effective solution to finding the best ways to integrate your releases to the market with the finest operational staff. By doing this, you can make sure that you see long-term benefits such as;

  • Reduced costs to the product development side of things.
  • A better project management which reduces errors and improves performance.
  • Leverage your resource pool to make it easier to get high-end results and genuine returns on your investment.
  • Integrate with new technology on the market and make your life easier than ever.
  • Transfer your obligations to those who know best so you can work on the objects you know best.

With the help of this solution, you can find it easier than ever to take products from the canvas to the shop floor. We’ll ensure that the methods used are sound and smart, following best practice for your kind of business, and we also ensure that delivery is cost-effective, speedy and fits with all deadlines.

All of our engineering teams utilize key strategies such as Agile, SCRUM, RUIP, Extreme Programming. Waterfall and various others to make sure we deliver a service which makes sense and will make your life much easier.

If you want to get through the development process on time and with minimum risk, contact us.